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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Currently I am finishing up Anne Rice’s newest book, Called Out of Darkness, on her recommitment to her faith in God.  I am still in awe she returned to her faith.  Not that she never would or shouldn’t, but after reading her vampire books and some of her other works it’s mind boggling she returned to her Christian  walk. I think it’s wonderful and sadly I’m sure some of her fans will ditch her because of it, but this will open up to her a whole new fan base.

She’s such an incredibly fascinating author and to think of her as a believer now is hard to grasp.


Some of us know from day one what we want to be.  When I was little at first I wanted to be a preacher, but that dream was squelched. What I most wanted to be in the whole wide world was a novelist.  As soon as I learned to read and could do so on my own I would check out multitudes of books during the summer and constantly have my nose in one. Of course by being a book addict it doesn’t help me branch out on my social life, but I’m working on that.

In the fourth grade I won a writing story contest for my local area and I got to attend my first ever book signing. I don’t recall who the author was, but to see other student’s books displayed on tables was thrilling in and of it’s self.

I was fairly good about keeping a diary from about 7th grade and on, but stupid me trashed my old diaries. How incredibly dumb of me.  History thrown in the trash.  No more history from my young self.

So in order to practice what I hope to “preach” I’m going to blog and in doing so I hope to discover others who are as wild about writing and reading as I am.

This is my Write Journey.  Not merely about books, writing and reading, but about my journey.  The Write Journey.