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This past week I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s new CD while at work and all her songs are so incredibly catchy, meaningful, breathtakingly addictive.  She’s such a gorgeous talented song writer and singer. It’s amazing how one song can make you feel like you’re back in high school again reliving lots of old memories that feel like they just happened yesterday.  I confess I almost cried while listening to, “Fifteen.”  She nailed my freshman year on the head.  Then with her song, “Love Story….” that one is just pure romantic. The music video is girlie and old fashioned and you feel like your a little girl again wishing for your prince. 🙂

I have officially wussed out of Nanowrimo this year. Work has been so insanely busy I’ve had no energy to type out the required words to make it and I’m o.k. with that. Bummed, but at peace.  I have a better idea of my story and am going to do more character sketcting with my Moleskine skeptchbook. Do the oldie brainstorming bubble with the spokes sticking out.

Still waiting for family to wake up this morning. Not sure what today’s agenda holds, but it might involve shopping, lunch, a movie and later on I get to make Christmas cards. Thirty of them.  Procrastination does suck.

Finally finished a book yesterday so I’m at 62 books read this year so far. Not sure I’m going to beat last year’s record of 89. I hope so!!


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