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Today I have off work so I can bake pies with my mother-in-law.  This should prove interesting since I don’t cook often if at all and I’m somewhat feeling under the weather.  I hope I’m not coming down with an ear infection.  Outside it’s stormy and it’s raining.  I love the fresh muddy earth smell that emanates through my windows.  It’s such a natural air freshener.

It’s weird how in life people come back into our lives (old friends) and then we make new ones that you know will last a lifetime.  I’m so thankful that God has brought new friends into my life like Sammy and Krys.  And brought back Kim, a friend from my childhood.

I’m trying to learn the art of having quality friends vs quantity.  You can have a bunch of friends and still feel lonely and then you can have a few select friends who truly know you and love you as is.  To me the later is more important.  Why drain energy in trying to become close with everybody when you can have the select few who you give your all to?

I’m learning the art of letting friends go.  I’m still close with them, but learning to let our friendship change to accommodate their life, so that they can experience new things.  To set them free.  I’ve finally come out of my depression of having my BFF move to TX.  I was very depressed one month before her and her family moved and now she’s been there 3 months and she’s loving it.  I’m thrilled for them.  I must admit a part of me is jealous they got to move to a new place and start over, but then again I’m learning to go with the flow and learn to be content where I’m at in this moment and not pine for what might not be. I’m learning to let new people come into my life and expand my BFF list.

I’m actually enjoying work! The long hours have changed me from complaining 24/7 and then the other day at work I was sitting there and I just got this huge sense of calmness and contentment.  Sure things aren’t perfect at work, but they’ve gone from hellish to enjoying who I work with and being thankful that I have such a secure job when other people are getting let go left and right because of the economy.

I’m hoping today to be able to work a bit on my story, cook, read, watch tv and enjoy the stormy weather!


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  1. “Outside it’s stormy and it’s raining. I love the fresh muddy earth smell that emanates through my windows. It’s such a natural air freshener.”

    I LOVE these sentences from this post!

    I hope you’re feeling well and that you’ve had a Happy Turkey Day!

    I’m glad things are looking up for you after being down for a while!

    Love & miss you,

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