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Thanksgiving today started out with sleeping in, waking up grumpy, trying to not be in a bad mood, eating two donuts for breakfast and bsing around on the computer before heading to my parent’s house for the big meal.

It was a full house and at first I felt a bit claustraphobic, but after my fogginess went away I felt better.

The meal was delicious and filling.  I made two pies yesterday.  They came out good via the people who were brave and ate some of them. Sadly I’m not a pumpkin pie fan.  I do like the B & R ice cream though.

My sister brought a game called Apples to Apples which was a lot of fun.  I’ll have to go buy it at Target or something.  It was nice to play a game as a family and have no fighting and it was actually enjoyable and fun!

Today thought of my BFF and her family as they mourn the year anniversary of their grandma’s passing.  So far it sounds like she’s holding up alright.

I’m not really in the mood to go to work, but at least it will be fast paced, so that I can get off and go eat dinner with my hubby and mother-in-law.

I did get a few pages of reading in today so that was great! I always get grumpy if I don’t get enough reading in.


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