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Well my goal of being still is still is in the process of ocurring.  After tidying up the apartment and getting laundry underway I am still restless. I hate not being able to relax on weekends.  It’s not even the whole my place is cluttered factor since it’s all tidy and nice.   I should be able to relax and just rest, read, write and most of just completely RELAX.  Rest my bones from go, go, going and I can’t seem to.

But when I go to my favorite coffee shop it’s like I’m in my own little cocoon and I am able to relax there. But I can only do so many  caffeine drinks in one day.

I’m planning tomorrow after watching, “Twilight,” to just relax on the couch to read, write and take  luxurious nap.  I need to just focus one day at a time and not have my mind jump way the heck ahead.

My right hand has been giving me grief with being sore and achy.  Not my wrist, but my fingers have felt stiff to where to extand my hand out out is achy.  Not sure if that’s carpel tunnel rearing it’s ugly head, or what’s up, but I’ll get a stress ball and maybe that will help my hand not be as sore.


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