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Last night went to take dinner over to my dad who had surgery yesterday.  I’m so thankful he was able to eat dinner.  I think the reality and seriousness of my families health is surreal.  You can go along in life with everything normal and then a surgery can be a life changing event and it can signify how one moment you can believe you’re robust and healthy and the next minute realize you are mortal, or rather your body is.

I have that on my mind and then going to church was nice.  I’m torn.  I know I need to plug in, but where?  I don’t know if I want to attend the church that is walking distance.  Their jargon is just what I left two years ago.  I don’t want big words, I want simplicity, honesty and real people.  I did enjoy the Foursquare church, but then I’m still wondering about the Unity church.  I want to make sure I agree with the teachings of where I choose to attend, but then I do want to be challenged in my life and not become complacent like I was before.  The Foursquare church felt familiar in it’s songs and format.  It felt like I was riding a bike and I remembered how to, although I did not sing on Sunday.  I was too, chocked up to. I barely eeked out some of the words.  The people at the Unity church were very welcoming and friendly.  The members at the Foursquare church were somewhat friendly.  The pastor’s wife sat next to me and I think she could sense how I felt. That did make a huge impact on me.  She took the time to make sure I felt welcomed and taken cared of vs leaving me to sit all alone.  One man did end up sitting next to me on my left, but it’s fascinating how you can be new somewhere and watch how people sit near, but not next to.

So I am torn where to attend.  I want some where close to home, a place that has activity options and friendly people. I want to be challenged and held accountable.  I don’t ever want to become stagnant again.


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