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Yesterday I went for my first dermetology appointment. I was a bit intimidated after hearing how moles are removed, but after meeting the doctor she put my mind at ease. She was like a blond version of one of my aunts and had a very calming/easy going presence. It turns out my concerns were for naught.
I’m so pleased with the two sweet and encouraging comments I got from my friend Jo and a lady named Susie. It’s thrilling to get real feedback. I think that is the addiction of blogging.
This week I picked up a copy of Churched by Matthew Paul Turner. I feel like he wrote this book just for me. Growing up a PK I can relate to so much of what he went through. The only difference in experience is Presbyterian vs Baptist. I’ve rarely ventured to the other flavors of my faith. I’m strongly thinking of going to the Foursquare Church again. I did get a thank you card this week from the pastor. It was on church stationary and even if it was printed and not handwritten it still counts. I never have gotten a thank you like that before.
Thanks again Susie for your comment. I look forward to future feed back!


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