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Today I’m stuffed up, coughing and feel blah, but in the midst of feeling that way I have this peace and thankfulness for all that I have! I’ve spent the day reading a bunch, watching tv and laying on the couch and spending a little bit of time in the ‘quiet room’.

I’m hoping by morning I will feel better!  Some times I feel like I’ve been pushing myself more and more through each week.  Maybe I just need more sleep.

I’ve been trying to be ‘good’ and not eat meat.  It’s strange to go from loving meat aka steak, prime rib and ribeye.  I slipped up and had some suasuage/or chicken at my dpeartment Christmas potluck.  Prior to that I had chicken a week ago this past Saturday and I haven’t had beef since around December 2nd, so overall I’ve been fairly good about not eating meat.  I thought that this was going to be very hard and that I’d have serious withdrawls when it came to smelling meat cooking (Christmas day/Christmas parties), but it wasn’t that hard to be around it.  I even passed on prime rib at Christmas dinner.  Some might think, “Why not eat a tiny bit on a holiday,” but then I wouldn’t be staying with what I’m trying to do.  I’ve felt lighter, not bloated, slimer, and had a bit of stomach cramping, but other than that I’ve been holding up well.

Well going to go watch tv with my hubby before bed.  I hope I can sleep well…….darn nose! 😉


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