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A brand new year is here and I was able to wake up two minutes before the clock struck midnight. Silly kids banging what sounded like pots and pans!

Today I’ve been contemplating what I want my revolutions (not resolutions) for this year should be. I don’t want to over burden myself and end up falling through on all of them, so they have to be simple, but also meaningful to me.

Here they are in no particular order of importance:

1.    Eat vegetarian (yes no meats except possibly chicken).

2.    Read all the books I already own before getting books from a bookstore or library.

3.    Do sits up daily and go on a walk at least 3x a week.

4.     Blog daily.

5.     Attend Saturday night service and get involved to expand my friendship circle and spiritual life.

6.    Go on a date with my husband at least one night a week (like a movie, bowling, hike, day trip, etc).

7.      Call my extended family more often.

8.      Work on my novel DAILY even if it’s just character sketching or researching something online for it.

9.      Pray more (privately that is).

*** Bold was used on particular words so that their importance will jump out at me more.  It’s not a means of    ‘yelling’. ***


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    • Jeff
    • Posted January 2, 2009 at 5:15 am
    • Permalink


    Vegetarian WOULD mean no chicken. Sorry.:(

    Just need to add you to the walk roster for the week since I’ve been doing the 3x per week thing for a couple of weeks now. Then we can spot each other for sit-ups!:)

    Totally good with the date night thing! I do feel like most of our evenings blend together!

    Blog daily? That may be the hardest one for you Mrs. ‘Blog once per week when I feel like it’.;)

    Jeff (your husband and partner in crime)

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