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It’s amazing how a night of church can make me feel better.  I don’t feel all gooey inside, but more peaceful.

It’s nice to know I have one more day off of work before going back.  A whole day to rest, enjoy the wintry type weather and enjoy spending time with my hubby.

I’m looking forward to meeting a new friend for coffee tomorrrow! I’m hoping it goes well.

This next weekend my BFF will be in town visiting from TX.  I can’t wait.  Just have to figure out when the best time to meet up is. It feels like she’s been gone a year already and it’s only been a few months.  Crazy how time goes  by and feels much longer than it is.

Off to go lounge with my man!


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    • Jeff
    • Posted January 4, 2009 at 12:06 pm
    • Permalink

    Verifying… You ARE gooey inside.:)

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