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1. My favorite color is blue
2. My favorite foods are: any type of potato, French Toast, grilled cheese, cinnamon rolls, broccoli, onions, garlic and curry with rice
3. The place I want to visit the most is Poland
4.  I adore country music, but sometimes it depresses me
5.  I dislike girls who are snotty
6.  I’m under 5 feet tall
7.  I wish I was more sophisticated and prettier
8.  I think the Polish language sounds like music
9.  I’m a PK
10. I hate wearing dresses
11. I’m more of a tomboy, but wish my girlie side would come out more often
12. I think it’d be neat to get my tongue pierced
13. Some day I would love to own an old Victorian house in the woods
14.  I’m looking forward to being 60 one day
15.  I’ve wanted to be a minister since I was 8 years old
16.  I hope to publish some day and earn my living that way….now just have to stop procrastinating!
17.  I don’t have a college degree
18.  When I was about 5-9yrs old I would record myself singing…..
20.  I have a fear of driving, but feel better doing it by myself
21.  I’ve been on t.v. once in the audience of Kids Inc. on Disney back in 89 or maybe 88′
22.  I’m a professional procrastinator
23.  I suck at communicating with my siblings
24.  I’m not a kid person (but I don’t hate kids)
25.  I’m learning in life that a few great close friends is more important in life than having a bucket full of them


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