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It’s a new year with many exciting book possibilities!

Here is my book journey for 2009:


1.   How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gates Gill (268 pgs)

2.   Goldengrove by Francine Prose (275 pgs)

3.    The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson (311 pgs)

4.     Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger (444 pgs)

5.     Sliver of Truth by Lisa Unger (361 pgs)


6.      Black Out by Lisa Unger (368 pgs)

7.      A Novel In A Year by Louise Doughty (265 pgs)

8.      I, Lorelei by Yeardley Smith (342 pgs)

9.     Crazy for God by Frank Schaeffer (408 pgs)

10.    Portofino by Frank Schaeffer (248 pgs)


11.     Clara: The Early Years by Margo Kaufman (308 pgs)

12.     Red: The Next Generation of American Writers-Teenage Girl by Amy Goldwasser (267 pgs)

13.    Admit It You’re Crazy by Judy Reiser (178 pgs)

14.     Hid & Seek by Wendy Aron (225 pgs)


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