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Today I took a vacation day so that I could treat my mom to breakfast and than later on this afternoon treat my friend Julie to lunch for her upcomning birthday tomorrow.  It will be a day of celebrating life and enjoying others company.  Plus, I reconnected with an old friend from elementary school that I’m thrilled about discovering. The ironic thing is that she lives a mere 15 minutes away from me.  That great thing was we were both online this morning and got to chat for a bit.  I’m hoping to meet up with her some day soon.

I’ve been attending the Foursquare church down the street now since Decemeber.  Last month was a bit crazy with different activities on some weekends, so I missed a few servies, but I’m starting to get a bit involoved and make new friends.

Work has improved a lot.  We finally migrated closer to where I live so getting to work is much easier and it’s nice to have a real cubical to work in.

So far this year I’ve read 14 books.  I’m hoping to make it past 5 books for this month.


This past weekend I went to Texas to be there for my best friend’s baptism.  What an experience.  Due to lack of sleep I was weepy as soon as I woke up! My allergies didn’t help me either.  We went to church in their neighbor’s van.  The church we went to is a big Baptist church.    The foyer alone was breathtaking. The inside was beautiful. I was allowed to stand off to the side of the baptistery so that I could take pics while she was being baptized, but due to my crying nonstop I let her friend take the pics which came out lovely.   The pastor preached like how I envisioned a Baptist preacher preaching. He told it  like it is and he said it with authority! 🙂

After the service we went to lunch with my friend’s neighbors who have become their best friends.  We went to this great tasting Mexican food restaurant that’s in a house that’s been converted.  The food was great and the atmosphere was nice.  They even played Christmas music.  That surprised me a bit since it’s Feburary, but always a classic you can’t help, but play it.

It was hard to live TX.  It’s my second time going and it was neat to stay in a different place.  I did sightsee around the town they live in near Dallas/Ft. Worth

Now that I’m home and taking a day to reflect on this past weekend I feel a bit drained.  Good drained, not bad drained. It was such an emotion packed weekend getting to meet my best friend’s new best friend and getting to see where she lives and what her life is like there.  The baptism was the icing on the cake!

This past Thursday was my 9 year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe next year it will be 10. I’m hoping for our tenth we can go to Poland and Germany on vacation.

Church has been refreshing. I even went last Sunday after not getting to bed till 1am. It’s nice to go because I want to not because I feel I have to. I even took notes last week. Last Wednesday I got a free devotional journal that makes devotional time easy and meaningful. Now I just have to do it. I feel so infant like since I have avoided it for years.
My dad’s health has been doing better. I’m still concerned he’s over doing and not just focusing on being.

I will not slack off on blogging. I have been naughty in that department.