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This past Thursday was my 9 year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe next year it will be 10. I’m hoping for our tenth we can go to Poland and Germany on vacation.

Church has been refreshing. I even went last Sunday after not getting to bed till 1am. It’s nice to go because I want to not because I feel I have to. I even took notes last week. Last Wednesday I got a free devotional journal that makes devotional time easy and meaningful. Now I just have to do it. I feel so infant like since I have avoided it for years.
My dad’s health has been doing better. I’m still concerned he’s over doing and not just focusing on being.

I will not slack off on blogging. I have been naughty in that department.


A brand new year is here and I was able to wake up two minutes before the clock struck midnight. Silly kids banging what sounded like pots and pans!

Today I’ve been contemplating what I want my revolutions (not resolutions) for this year should be. I don’t want to over burden myself and end up falling through on all of them, so they have to be simple, but also meaningful to me.

Here they are in no particular order of importance:

1.    Eat vegetarian (yes no meats except possibly chicken).

2.    Read all the books I already own before getting books from a bookstore or library.

3.    Do sits up daily and go on a walk at least 3x a week.

4.     Blog daily.

5.     Attend Saturday night service and get involved to expand my friendship circle and spiritual life.

6.    Go on a date with my husband at least one night a week (like a movie, bowling, hike, day trip, etc).

7.      Call my extended family more often.

8.      Work on my novel DAILY even if it’s just character sketching or researching something online for it.

9.      Pray more (privately that is).

*** Bold was used on particular words so that their importance will jump out at me more.  It’s not a means of    ‘yelling’. ***

The past few days I’ve been under the weather. Today I’ve been resting on the couch reading and sipping tea.  I need to rest and yet my body is aching for some action.  I guess cabin fever is possible being indoors for a number of days.

I just need to rest my body, my mind and get well so I can be back at 100% for the new incoming year day after tomorrow.

This year has flown by.  It feels like just yesterday I was trying to remember to write 2008 and now I’ll have to put a 9 instead. I’m brainstorming my 2009 Revolutions, so keep checking back beause I will have them posted no later than tomorrow night.

Happy Upcoming 2009!

Today I’m stuffed up, coughing and feel blah, but in the midst of feeling that way I have this peace and thankfulness for all that I have! I’ve spent the day reading a bunch, watching tv and laying on the couch and spending a little bit of time in the ‘quiet room’.

I’m hoping by morning I will feel better!  Some times I feel like I’ve been pushing myself more and more through each week.  Maybe I just need more sleep.

I’ve been trying to be ‘good’ and not eat meat.  It’s strange to go from loving meat aka steak, prime rib and ribeye.  I slipped up and had some suasuage/or chicken at my dpeartment Christmas potluck.  Prior to that I had chicken a week ago this past Saturday and I haven’t had beef since around December 2nd, so overall I’ve been fairly good about not eating meat.  I thought that this was going to be very hard and that I’d have serious withdrawls when it came to smelling meat cooking (Christmas day/Christmas parties), but it wasn’t that hard to be around it.  I even passed on prime rib at Christmas dinner.  Some might think, “Why not eat a tiny bit on a holiday,” but then I wouldn’t be staying with what I’m trying to do.  I’ve felt lighter, not bloated, slimer, and had a bit of stomach cramping, but other than that I’ve been holding up well.

Well going to go watch tv with my hubby before bed.  I hope I can sleep well…….darn nose! 😉

I went to church again.  Christmas Eve of course.  I’ve cried a bit the past two times I’ve gone, but this last time no tears were shed.  I was even able to sing without getting chocked up.  It was nice to not be so sensitive. Not that anything is wrong with tears in church, but I feel like I’m more comfortable there.  I even made a few new ‘friends’ and people I previously met remembered my name! That sure does wonders for a new attendee.

Christmas was a very low key pleasant day.  Now that Christmas is over I feel like I’m finally getting in the spirit of it and it’s over. Oh, well 2009 will be here soon and another opportunity to be less a Scrudge.  I was happy to have a Holiday that wasn’t overly filled with too much.

Today I went to the movies with a fairly new friend.  The movie was o.k. It was just nice to hang out.

Not sure what I’ll be doing the rest of the day.  I’ll probably be spending lots of time in the “quite room” aka the guest room. It’s nice to have one clutter free room at home where my OCD can stay at bay and I can read without worrying about tidying up everything.  I really need to learn the art of relaxation in the real sense.

Here is a poem I wrote awhile back on the whole subject of being OCD or at least acting like it:


OCD Whirl        8/17/2008

It’s quite a demon to be plagued by this.
Clutter haunting your mind, trying to get in.
Being able to move about without double checking everything.
Random thoughts invading your mind.
Trying to be peaceful when your mind is going so fast your head is spinning.

It’s a personal demon I try to ignore.
I try to push it back to where it was before.
Out of site and out of mind.
Trying to be good and not be left behind.

I thought meds would fix it, yet the affects were hell and not worth it.
Now I’m back to my old self and the demon is back.
I’d rather tame this demon then be trumped up on meds.

I may go to church tonight since I like the smallness of the Saturday night service vs the more crowded one of Sunday morning.  I just love how calm the pastor’s voice is.  Very sort of slow, methodical and soothing. Not hyped up or dramatic, but simple.  Sometimes I can just feel myself going, “AHHH” when I walk in the door.

Last night I bought my ticket to go to TX for my best friend’s baptism.  I can’t wait.  Almost only one more month away and then I’ll get to see her.  I’m so very excited about this. I feel like I just want to pop I’m so excited.  I’ve been waiting for this day for FOREVER and now that it’s here it almost feels surreal.

I posted a new page of the books I have read this year so far.  My count is not as thrilling as I’d hope it would be, but I still have a few more reading days left of 2008 to crank out a few more titles.  I think the goal of 120 was overly ambitious.

Off to go take a nap….or at least read. I’m zonked.  Hopefully my throat congestion will go away.  I hate feeling like this…..the cold air actually felt good this morning.

Tonight feels like maybe Thursday and not Friday.  This week chugged along and now that it’s the weekend I want to get so much accomplished (laundry, cleaning, decluttering) and the other half of me just wants to sit around and not do a thing.   I know there are bugs going around and people are getting sick on and off, so staying healthy and getting rest is important when I have the time to slow down.

Tomorrow my friend moves away to live with family and start a new chapter in her life.  Ironically I waited till just before she was going to take off before investing in becoming her friend.  GRRR. But I am happy she gets this fresh start and adventure to experience. I’m going to really miss her.

This weekend I am hoping to possibly meet two new friends.  We’ll see how and if it happens.  I hope so.  It’s strange how in my life I can feel like I want close friends and then the other half of me feels like being antisocial.  I guess what I really desire is one great close girlfriend who I truly click with who lives close enough to get together without it being a pain in the rear to meet up.  The search is on! 😛

I am excited I’ll be going to witness my BFF’s baptism in February.  I can’t wait.  It will be good to see her and her family and get to meet her new friends and see where she lives.  I can’t believe she’s been moved and gone for almost 4 months already.  It feels so much longer.

My dad has more surgery on Monday.  Sometimes I wish I could scream for time to stop, but I know we all have to go through things that toughen us up and make us stronger physically and spiritually.  I feel like witnessing my dad have health problems is an out of body experience.  Like I’m watching it all happen from the otuside of a snow globe and he’s on the inside having to deal with all these minsurgeries and procedures.  And he’s still smiling and having an awesome attitude.  That takes strength of character and strong faith.   He has both.

Church wise I’m not sure what I want to do.  I’m so tenative about returning to church.  I want the community without having to deal with the building and the whole order of usual things.  Sometimes I wish services could be held ouside where nature just screams that there’s a God.  Why be stuck in a stuffy building??

Here’s a poem I wrote:

Sweet Sunday        8/17/2008

Sweet Sunday.
It’s a day for rest, a day for play.
The sky filled with clouds, waiting for rain.
It’s a day for reading, coffee and booze.
The boob tube on with no news.
It’s a picnic in the park. Fried chicken and pasta.
It’s a day for church and a day for contemplation.

I used to look forward to getting up early.
Putting on my finest and going to that building.
Now I’ve stepped back and don’t put on my finery.
I head over to coffee and think over what’s pretty.
I’d rather be in nature where the sun shines bright,
then to be stuck in a building with a folding chair grinding my butt.

I know to not go is considered wrong.
I should be in community and one that is strong.
But I feel stifled sitting there in the pew.
Where I’m supposed to follow the sheep and do what they do.
I’ve gone through the motions before I was born and now that I’m old I’m taking a stand to figure out what I know.

I know I believe and I know people think to believe you must go.
Sign up now before you are cast into hell.
They might say I’ve slidden into this muck.  A wayward sheep heading for the slaughter.

But I still believe.
My faith hasn’t waned.  I’ve just stepped back and am looking from the outside in.

Yesterday I went for my first dermetology appointment. I was a bit intimidated after hearing how moles are removed, but after meeting the doctor she put my mind at ease. She was like a blond version of one of my aunts and had a very calming/easy going presence. It turns out my concerns were for naught.
I’m so pleased with the two sweet and encouraging comments I got from my friend Jo and a lady named Susie. It’s thrilling to get real feedback. I think that is the addiction of blogging.
This week I picked up a copy of Churched by Matthew Paul Turner. I feel like he wrote this book just for me. Growing up a PK I can relate to so much of what he went through. The only difference in experience is Presbyterian vs Baptist. I’ve rarely ventured to the other flavors of my faith. I’m strongly thinking of going to the Foursquare Church again. I did get a thank you card this week from the pastor. It was on church stationary and even if it was printed and not handwritten it still counts. I never have gotten a thank you like that before.
Thanks again Susie for your comment. I look forward to future feed back!